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Noble Phantasm
Ruyi Jingu Bang
Japanese name: 如意金箍棒
Title: Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod
Japanese title: 準拠した黄金のフープロッド
Transliteration: Junkyo Shita Kogane no Fūpuroddo
Owner: Lancer
Type: Anti-Fortress
Rank: A
Range:  ???
Maximum number of targets:  ???

Ruyi Jingu Bang: Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod (準拠した黄金のフープロッド如意金箍棒, Junkyo Shita Kogane no FūpuroddoNyoikinkobō?) is the primary and most known Noble Phantasm of Sun Wukong, his most iconic weapon that was given to him by Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East Sea. It is a uniquely created staff that Wukong can freely shrink or grow at will. He states that because of this, its rank of an "Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm" is due to the fact that he could quite litterally crush a fortress with it in a single swing should he choose to increase its size to that length. Wukong also seems capable of not just manipulating its size, but also its length, allowing him to release a series of power 'shots' with it as if he was striking billiard balls with a cue stick, though with the target as the billiard balls. This gives his Noble Phantasm a rather massive amount of range, and it is something that is almost impossible to avoid against once Wukong has targeted you. It also appears to have its own decent rank in Divinity, not only being referred to as a "divine staff" several times but being capable of easily destroying the demons loosed from Temple of Solomon in a single strike.

Due to the limitations placed upon it (and Wukong in general) within the Sixth Blessed Holy Grail War, it cannot grow in the traditional sense when activated, but rather acquires a magical aura around it that simply grows in volume where the staff would have done so physically when it was first used. While it retains the same effects as a physical change would have, it also adds the addition of mana consumption to its use, with the more Wukong uses the staff's function, the more mana he saps from both him and his Master. Thus, Wukong is often forced to simply rely on his skill with the weapon rather than harnessing its supernatural functions, saving those for tide-turning or finishing blows against his opponents. However, with the shattering of Fèngchìzǐjinguān and the accompanying rush of magical energy, Wukong can freely use the staff's abilities for a limited amount of time.

It is believed that this weapon and the use of it is what qualified Wukong for the Lancer-class.

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